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The kitchen is the heart of the home, and the place to get together and create memorable meals. Unleash your full cooking potential and feel confident enough to use all the tools at hand. As trusted dishwasher experts, Electrolux and Fairy know the challenges that a messy kitchen can bring. With superior dishwasher performance and solutions, and the full power of Fairy Platinum detergent, we’re the perfect partners to help take care of those tough clean-ups. 


Enjoy the kitchen, forget about the rest.

Get free Fairy Platinum capsules with selected dishwashers

We offer you 100 free Fairy Platinum All-in-one capsules when you purchase one of our dishwashers with the AirDry, SatelliteClean or SprayZone technology. Let us tackle stubborn stains and deliver dishes that emerge with a pristine clean and shine – so you’re free to enjoy the fun part of cooking.

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Let AirDry open the door for drier dishes. Never reach for the towel again because dishes are now dry enough to go straight into the cupboard. And with Platinum, Fairy’s best cleaning 1st time, dishes will be so clean that they shine.


Once it’s time to clean up, SatelliteClean, the double-rotating satellite spray arm, ensures full coverage for everything in the dishwasher. Plus, Fairy Platinum leaves every pot, pan and plate pristine and sparkling clean. 


Even the most stubborn residue is no match for the SprayZone - its intensive treatment makes short work of baked-in food. Combined with the cleaning power of Fairy Platinum, dishes emerge with a pristine clean and shine. 

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Electrolux new AirDry technology automatically opens your dishwasher in the last part of the cycle. Now you can ensure your dishes are completely dry (and spotless) when you go to put them away.

A unique spray arm design ensures effective washing and rinsing every time. Even the hardest-to-reach corners have met their match.

SprayZone makes short work of even the most stubborn residues, so that you never more have to worry about dishes not being clean when it’s time to put them away.