Potato and Parmesan Soufflé

Potato and Parmesan Soufflé

Soufflé, made easy

This potato soufflé recipe is an easy and comforting dish suitable for cold fall days. The breadcrumbs will form a delicious crust on the bottom and edges of the soufflé while the parmesan will add a wonderful umami flavour.


800 g potatoes
1 large sweet potato
1 Egg
1 cup fine grated Parmesan + some to sprinkle on the top of the soufflés
100 g butter + some to butter 6 ramekin dishes
1/2 cup breadcrumbs
8 fresh sage leaves, chopped
Black pepper



1. Butter 6 ramekin dishes and dust with breadcrumbs.

2. Peel potato and sweet potato and cut in smaller cubes. Boil the potato cubes in salted water and cook until they are soft. Drain the remaining water. Let the sweet potato cubes cook in a separated saucepan until they are nearly done. Drain the water and let them cool.

3. Using an electric mixer, mash the potatoes well into a smooth puree. Stir in butter, Parmesan and egg. Season with chopped sage, salt and black pepper. Add the sweet potato cubes and stir gently.

4. Pour in the potato mix in the ramekin dishes and sprinkle some parmesan, salt and black pepper on the top.

5. Bake for 15-17 min in the middle of the oven on 220°C (450°F) with low steam setting until soufflés are a nice golden colored.

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